NTP Version 4 Release Notes

Last update: November 23, 2022 17:49 UTC (1b4d24aef)


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Table of Contents

NTP has been under development for almost 30 years, but the paint ain’t dry even now. This release of the NTP Version 4 (NTPv4) distribution for Unix, VMS and Windows incorporates new features and refinements, but retaining backwards compatibility with older versions, including NTPv3 and NTPv2, but not NTPv1. Support for NTPv1 has been discontinued because of certain security vulnerabilities.

New Features

Changes and Upgrades Since the NTPv3 Version (xntp3-5)

This section summarizes general changes since the publication of RFC 1305. Specific changes made during the code upgrade of 2007-2008 are summarized in Historical Notes.

Nasty Surprises

There are a few things different about this release that have changed since the latest NTP Version 3 release. Following are a few things to worry about: