USNO Modem Time Service

Last update: June 27, 2022 19:03 UTC (8df55e5db)

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Address: 127.127.24.u
Reference ID: USNO
Serial Port: /dev/cuau; 1200 baud, 8-bits, no parity
Requires: /usr/include/sys/termios.h header file with modem control


No information available.

Fudge Factors

time1 time

Specifies the time offset calibration factor, in seconds and fraction, with default 0.0.

time2 time

Not used by this driver.

stratum number

Specifies the driver stratum, in decimal from 0 to 15, with default 0.

refid string

Specifies the driver reference identifier, an ASCII string from one to four characters, with default USNO.

flag1 0 | 1

Not used by this driver.

flag2 0 | 1

Not used by this driver.

flag3 0 | 1

Not used by this driver.

flag4 0 | 1

Enable clockstats recording if set.