Forum Graphic GPS Dating station

Last update: March 30, 2023 19:10 UTC (33276df3b)

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Address: 127.127.37.u

Reference ID: GPS

Driver ID: GPS

Parallel Port: /dev/fgclocku


This driver supports the Forum Graphic GPS Dating station sold by EMR company.

Unfortunately, sometimes FG GPS start continues reporting of the same date. The only way to fix this problem is GPS power cycling and ntpd restart after GPS power-up.

After Jan 10, 2000 my FG GPS unit started sending a wrong answer after 10:00am till 11:00am. It repeated the hour value in result string twice. I wrote a small code to avoid such problem. Unfortunately I have no second FG GPS unit to evaluate this problem. Please let me know if your GPS has no problems after Y2K.

Monitor Data

Each timecode is written to the clockstats file in the format YYYY YD HH MI SS.

Fudge Factors

time1 time

Specifies the time offset calibration factor, in seconds and fraction, with default 0.0.

time2 time

Not used by this driver.

stratum number

Specifies the driver stratum, in decimal from 0 to 15, with default 0.

refid string

Specifies the driver reference identifier, an ASCII string from one to four characters, with default FG.

flag1 0 | 1

Not used by this driver.

flag2 0 | 1

Not used by this driver.

flag3 0 | 1

Not used by this driver.

flag4 0 | 1

Not used by this driver.

Dmitry Smirnov