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In the baby photo at left (circa 1971), that’s me (b 1938), Beverly (b 1942), Eileen (b 1965), and Keith (b 1968).

Bev is a classically trained singer (lyric soprano) and musician (violin, piano) and is a retired music teacher in Wilmington, DE. She has a BA in Music and a Second Degree Brown Belt in Judo. Eileen works as a computer network technician in Newark, DE. She has a MCSE and volunteers at Tri State Bird Rescue, one of only three in the country. Keith is a photojournalist based in Baltimore, MD, and travels the world with laptop, WiFi and digital cameras. Kittens Midnight and Sunshine live and play anywhere they please. Charlie is intimidated and keeps to herself.

Personal web site links are here (the animals read mail).

As Sunshine and Midnight were growing up, we carefully trained them for quick response using a laser pointer.


Now, Sunshine stands watch for breakin attempts.


When off duty, the two chums serve as bedtime footwarmers.



We live in a leafy subdivision about 2.4 km from campus at

David and Beverly Mills

43 The Horseshoe, Newark, DE 19711

GC: 39:42:02.915N, 75:46:52.046W

Antennas: W3HCF

In emergencies, the rooftop antenna can be converted into helicopter rotor blades and lift the house to safety.



2004 was the Year of the Cicada. The critters crawl out from the ground and rendevous at a nearby tree. There they mate, lay eggs and die. The eggs fall to the ground, there to stay for the next seventeen years.


This Red Tail Hawk was injured and taken from Valley Forge State Park to Tri-State Bird Rescue in Newark DE, where Eileen works as a part-time volunteer. Upon recovery we took the little bird back home. Here he has just emerged from his carrier, but quickly flew off to terrorize the resident rodent population.